ONE STEP boiler treatment

Product info

ONE STEP is a proprietary liquid that is a Highly Biodegradeable and Non-Volatile steam boiler treatment formulated around organic refined Tannis. It provides corrosion and scale inhibition for steel boilers of all sizes, and can operate to pressures exceeding 1000 psi with just one product. Also this includes a polymeric sludge conditioner that helps disperse precipitated hardness salts of calcium and magnesium preventing them from adhering to the boiler surfaces. For use in Locomotives, Traction engines, Steam Boats. For STEEL BOILERS with steel or copper tubes.


• The Tannin molecule has the ability to absorb dissolved oxygen within its composition also forming a Iron Tannate film that adheres to the metal stopping the scale forming process, and protects a boiler having water left full that is not under steam for a limited time. For example if you were running over a few days. Normally you would layup completely dry,

• Steel boilers like to have a pH around 10 and the treatment provides the chemistry to bring the water to preferred Alkaline condition, an exact pH will depend on local water conditions.

• Another great feature in Tannins is their ability to reduce carryover, or commonly known as Foaming, You should see a reduction if you have had problems in the past. Conditions can vary.

• Tannins also have the ability to clean a scaled boiler and maintain the cleaned surfaces, you might experience rust particles when you do the blowdown. Usually this should be the time to do a good boiler wash.

• One of the best features is how to administer or "Dose" the boiler, it is initially started with a specific amount. There are recommended quantites suggested. And a small sample is taken then compared to a color chart, that will tell you if you need more of less ..... Simple, no more guessing.

• One Step is environmentally friendly, no dangerous chemistry. The product is slightly alkaline and should wash any skin with contact. This will also prevent boiler water Carryover or Foaming. This formula will eliminate oxygen corrosion ( Tannin is a oxygen scavenger) with 2 other additional ingredients.

1) A Chelant is a type of binder that suspend precipiated hardness salts of calcium and magnesium preventing them from adhering to the boiler surfaces. Another benefit is this will degrade former deposits, or basically clean up a scaled boiler.

2) The use of sodium hydroxide as a pH modifier will help maintain a recommended pH. Initial Dosing Instructions This formula is Non-Volatile and will not travel with the steam. So once you have the initial dose fed in to the boiler it will stay at the concentration you started with. To make adjustments you will blowdown the boiler in smail increments to drop the concentration and to add you will use the feedwater tank. Give it time to let it settle. Do the testing after a few tanks of water are used and letting the boiler run for a hour or so. This will give the best results.

NOTES: The Water glass will be tinted as the treatment gets in to the boiler, THIS is normal. Over Dosing can lead to Carryover or Foaming. Blowing down should correct this.

Recommended Starting amounts:

Small boilers use from 1/8 oz. to 1/2 oz.
Larger boilers use from 1 oz.
For 15" Gauge engines 2 oz.

The importance of testing will give you the amounts that is needed for your equipment. Also as water conditions change this will affect your results. Use little as needed to achieve the best results, this makes for a economical use of the product.

See MSDS sheet for more product information.


16oz bottle $29.99 plus tax and UPS ground shipping. Contact us for 5 gallon pail prices.